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Luis A. Reyes is a Consultant in Quantum Metal Office.

I am a Quantum Bullion Exchange Board Consultant to share with you the benefits of Quantum Metal products:

Quantum Metal Exchange Inc. (QMEI)

Established in New York in 2021, Quantum Metal Exchange Inc. (QMEI) is a holding company with bullion based fintech capacities, empowering people and businesses from upstream to downstream of the precious metal industry through advanced technologies and cutting-edge corporate solutions.

QMEI facilitate digitized investment products backed by precious metals, through systematic research and development, with a supporting corporate university ecosystem that not only ensures continuous global growth but also business sustainability.

Our visionary founding team has a strong desire to redefine the ecological management model of the mining industry, through enhancing both the business model and technology implementation, providing members with the next generation trading platform and value transfer channel to unleash the precious metal value, a technology driven bullion exchange. We provide solutions to the global community in creating business opportunities, jobs and value through our subsidiaries. As to date, we have established subsidiaries in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Company Background


Quantum Metal (QM, company registration number: 1011907U) was registered on July 30, 2012, with a paid-up capital of RM10,000,000.00. It is one of the largest gold bar distributors in Malaysia.
QMs core business is to provide 99.99% of LBMA gold products to the Malaysian market, including government agencies, banks, financial institutions, merchants and individual distributors. QM initiated links between local banks and international bullion suppliers (including PERTH MINT).

Our Vision and Mission are aligned to our parent company – Quantum Metal Exchange Inc. (QMEI).

Our Key Focus Area

Latest commodities related technological developments

Innovative business models

Unique globalization through REAL partnerships model

Business pillars under Quantum Metal Exchange include:

Quantum Metal Bullion that provides a wide range of services for the precious metal industry (include the trading and leasing of gold, gold collateral facilities, gold custody, gold tokenisation, logistics, and services for mining and refinery companies), Quantum Metal Capital in finance technology services and development, and Quantum Metal Mining in precious metal.

These pillars are supported by Quantum Metal Corporate University in nurturing the corporate culture and developing the human resource within the ecosystem.

Our Vision and Mission are aligned to our parent company – Quantum Metal Exchange Inc. (QMEI).


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